Evergreen Packaging Technology specializes in systems integration of custom design of cans and can-end lines from beverage to food containers as well as aerosol cans. We can fit any number of lines into existing buildings or redesign upgrades and expansions of existing lines. At Evergreen Packaging Technology we take pride in supplying some of the most comprehensive engineering packages in the industry. Our engineers have installed more than 30% of all the beverage can lines in China, such as Cofco/CPMC, which is the second largest packaging company in China. Our clients include Baosteel Packaging Co, Shengxing, Fuzhian Packaging, Jiadoubao, Liberty Bottle Can Line, Aleco Bottle Can Line. We have worked with leading beverage manufacturers such as Ball, Coors, Can Pac, Impress, KJM, Rexam, Rostar, Skoda, Visy. We have lived and worked in France, Dubai, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Poland, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia and USA.
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