The Company
Evergreen Packaging Technology consists of Engineering Professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of the engineering and startup of two-piece aluminum and steel can lines, bottle can lines, end lines and other automated production facilities.

Engineering Services
The Engineering Services provided and the Engineering Documents prepared include the following:

Project Engineering Services
  • Contract Administration & Project Interface with BUYER
  • Primary contact and liaison for Equipment Vendors
  • Coordination & Preparation of Project Scheduling including Milestone Schedule, Installation Schedule,
    Shipping Schedule and Vendor and Site Services Schedule
  • Coordination of Engineering tasks and Documentation within Evergreen Packaging
  • Coordination of Equipment Buy-offs & Shipment
  • Coordination of Installation Activities & Schedule
  • Coordination of Vendors’ Servicemen (for check-out and training)
  • Coordination of Check-Out, Start-Up and commmercialization
  • Coordination of Evergreen Packaging travel, living accommodations, and expenses
Equipment Specifications
General mechanical, paint and electrical specifications will be provided by Evergreen Packaging after consultation with the
BUYER. In addition performance specifications will be provided for all equipment. Evergreen Packaging personnel have extensive
experience with the full range of equipment on the market and can assist in the preparation of approved Vendor lists and the
selection and or procurement of the equipment. Evergreen Packaging can optionally procure and supply the equipment for the
line to the agreed specifications.

Product Specifications and Tooling Specifications and Design
Evergreen Packaging will review and approve the BUYER provided Can specifications.
BUYER will develop and be responsible for the product design and specifications to be used for the project. Evergreen
Packaging will provide guidance and advice if requested or, at BUYER’s option Evergreen Packaging can supply appropriate
design and specification for both the product and tooling required to produce the product.

The Facility Drawing Package includes the following documents:
  • Facility arrangement
  • Line layouts - plan views and elevations -The line layout will be specifically developed and customized to the specification for the line with consideration to Preferred Machinery Vendors, building constraints, target production rate and line efficiencies at startup, and provision for future expansion.
  • Support room layouts
  • Machine foundations requirements
  • Floor loading requirements
  • Roof structure loading
  • Trenches, sumps, and floor drains
  • Exhaust stack requirements
  • Platform general arrangement with load requirements
Mechanical Installation Drawing Package
The Mechanical Drawing Package includes the following documents:
  • Production equipment installations
  • Support systems equipment installations
  • Conveying and equipment platforms - assemblies and details
  • Conveying systems - general arrangements and assemblies
  • Scrap systems - general arrangements and details
Structural Installation
  • Specifications, installations and details
Electrical Installation Drawing Package
The Mechanical Drawing Package includes the following documents:
  • Control panel locations
  • Cable tray/conduit layout
  • Power distribution
  • Data cabling
  • Equipment cabling
  • Line control cabling
  • Task lighting and outlet locations
  • Line control panel enclosure assemblies and details
  • Sensor locations
  • Operator stations
Piping Installation Drawing Package
  • Piping systems - flow diagrams, specifications, installations and details
Engineering Publications/Reports by Evergreen Packaging
  • Utility usage requirements (electrical, natural gas, water and sewer)
  • Electrical power connected loads and distribution
  • Service systems specifications (compressed air, vacuum, soft water, cooling water, hot water, ventilation)
  • Estimated production by-product report
  • Summary of equipment shipping logistics (for selection of the project freight forwarding agent)
Installation Documentation by Evergreen Packaging Technology
  • Evergreen Packaging’s engineering installation drawings
  • Description of scope of work including recommended tools and equipment
  • Construction materials specifications (bill of materials)
  • Equipment handling and assembly requirements
  • Project construction milestone schedule
Design and Optional Supply of Integrated Conveyance System
Evergreen Packaging standard services include the design of the conveyance system, optimized to the Buyers needs including
such features as:
  • Capacity designed to meet targeted production rates at startup with provision for identified future expansion
  • Allowance for appropriate accumulation and pack density to optimize line efficiency
  • If required conveyors will be designed to be compatible with either steel or aluminum.
  • Use of mass belt conveying, air conveying and air single filers based on current best available technology.
  • Use of distributed variable speed drive system on all belt conveyors to reduce installation cost and duration
Design and Supply of Integrated Line Control Systems, Line Monitoring Systems and Production Reporting Systems
Evergreen Packaging standard services include the design and supply of the conveyance line control system, optimized to the
Buyer’s needs and programmed to maximize line efficiencies, including such features as
  • Evergreen Packaging standard Line Control services include the design and supply of the can line control system which controls the production equipment and conveyors to make the line operate as one machine. Each program is optimized to the Buyer’s needs and programmed to maximize line efficiencies. The Evergreen Line Control System includes these standard features:
  • Allen Bradley based control system
  • Ethernet communications to all line machines
  • Sil 2 standard safety system using AB Guardlogix Equipment on a Devicenet network
  • AB Armorstart Drives using ethernet communications for ease of conveying installation.
    (Drives can be SEW Eurodrives with Devicenet interfaces if customer specifies)
  • Pushbutton stations for area E-stop, start-stop, and alarm reset.
  • Proximity sensors supplied with quick disconnect cables for quick easy sensor placement and relocation.
  • Line Control system designed so that all field I/O’s are connected to the line control system via the distributed drive system.• 

    Available Options:
  • Remote access router for ongoing support.
  • Siemens-based control system.
  • All Hardware, Sensors, Panels, Operator Stations, Field Distributors and Cables
Evergreen’s Line Control System: The control software is designed to move the cans through the conveying system at maximum efficiency but with no damage to the cans thus achieving smooth, high-speed conveying of product throughout the entire line optimizing productivity and reducing spoilage. The control software controls the machine speeds according to the upstream and downstream status and fill-levels on the conveyors.

Evergreen’s Line Monitoring system will aid in-plant personnel and operators to know what is happening at any moment through the line and will show production rates on the shop floor or anywhere on earth using an internet based system. The Monitoring System includes 7 video cameras and monitors to continually monitor critical areas.

The Optional Evergreen Production Reporting System will give plant personnel the latest production figures, document any problems that occurred during production runs throughout the line and provide the Real-time historic data necessary to optimize production efficiency. Production Reports can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs.

All hardware and software is thoroughly tested in the panel shop before shipment.

Equipment Buy-offs
Evergreen Packaging will set buy-off criteria, for all primary production equipment prior to shipment.  BUYER shall arrange and pay for all required materials (per specifications provided by Evergreen Packaging).  Raw materials will be sent to the buyoff location as specified by Evergreen Packaging.

Installation Supervision Services
Evergreen Packaging will have personnel on site from the start of installation until completion.  Evergreen Packaging will provide
technical advisory & managerial control throughout the Installation, but not direct supervision of the Contractors’ employees
Evergreen Packaging will hold regular meetings, as determined by the Evergreen Packaging Project Manager, with the
Contractor(s) throughout Installation for review of progress and scheduling concerns, coordination of the different trades' efforts,
discussions of any problems which need to be addressed, etc

Evergreen Packaging’s Engineers on site during installation will assist the Contractors, provide advice on installation matters
(such as equipment handling methods, selection of materials, and sequencing of events), interpret drawings as necessary, and
check for proper and accurate installation of the equipment and systems.
The Evergreen Packaging on-site personnel will include the Project Manager (or his designated representative), Project
Mechanical Engineer(s), Electrical Engineer(s), a Start-Up Manager and Evergreen Packaging's other specialists and
technicians for specific matters as needed.  The number of Evergreen Packaging engineers on site will vary, their duration on
site will vary, and will be scheduled to cover the installation, check-out, and start-up work load as necessary.

Check-Out and Testing Services
Evergreen Packaging and the selected vendors' representatives will, with BUYER's personnel, verify machine installation and
machine setup and generally prepare the machines for operation through proper cleaning and adding all necessary lubricants.
The machinery and equipment for each process will be tested and de-bugged as necessary to function as designed and to
produce product within the agreed specifications. Vendor reps will also provide operator training during this phase.

Conveyor systems will be tested and adjusted for proper product transport between machine operations and minimize any
handling damage.  Product will be conveyed through the Line in batches (not continuous) during this phase to facilitate machine
testing and fine tuning of conveyors and processes.

Vendor Servicemen
Evergreen Packaging will coordinate and make arrangements for the selected equipment vendors' representatives to verify the
installation and ensure validation of all applicable equipment warranties.  The selected vendor servicemen will be scheduled on-
site by Evergreen Packaging, and maintained on site as necessary for machine set-up, check-out and training.  Unless the
equipment is supplied by Evergreen Packaging, Buyer will be responsible for the relevant costs (Travel, Living & Technical
Service Fees) associated with the vendors’ servicemen for the recommended duration.